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Tottenham Hotspur Fc have urged Gareth Bale to sign a new contract at the club to end all the speculation that is gathering around him at present.

The Welshman has been linked to Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Manchester Utd. Bale has come on in form leaps and bounds ever since signing from Southampton Fc back in 2007.

It took him three seasons to get voted by his fellow professionals for the PFA Player of Year award on Apr 17 2011 and again winning the the huge honour this campaign for the  PFA Player of the Year and Young Player of the Year awards.

Bale had to shrug off hard competition from his fellow professionals including  Luis Suarez of Liverpool the runner up for the PFA Player of the Year and Robin Van Persie taking third place.

In my opinion Luis Suarez would had been in pole position for winning the player of the year if he didn’t bite Branislav Ivanovic of Chelsea Football Club back in April. The governing bodies have to set an example of fair play which they did and sanctioned Suarez with a 10 match ban.   Hopefully Suarez will now learn from his mistakes as this is not the only incident he has been in the spotlight for.

Robin Van Persie came close but not close enough but managed to help guide and crown Manchester Utd  the championship title.  Van Persie scored 25 goals in only 35 premier league appearances.

Gareth Bale has been questionably marked in the class of Cristiano Ronaldo(Real Madrid) and Lionel Messi(Barcelona). I personally think this is a rash call considering both Messi And Ronaldo have a superior Goal ratio to Bale.

I Think Bale needs a few more consistent seasons and to also set the World Cup alight for his country(Wales) and then he could be considered a world class talent and compared to the likes of Messi and Ronaldo.

Will he be at Spurs next season?  Who knows. Andre Villas-Boas(Tottenham Hotspur Manager) would have to fight to the death to try and persuade Bale to put pen  to paper and depending on what contract Bale will ask for who knows where he will be.

Premier League players like Wayne Rooney(Manchester Utd) and Yaya Toure(Manchester City) are the Premier League’s highest payed players pushing the bracket over 200k per week!.  If Bale is out shining players of this calibre, who can call what he would be asking for wage wise, and the million dollar question is “Can Tottenham Afford Over 200k Per Week” for one player?

The answer to that question in my view is yes!  ‘If  Spurs want the Welshman that badly and see him as an indispensable asset they will pay it!’.

Andre Villa-Boas has urged him to sign the contract. Bale is at a club where he is absolutely adored by the fans, playing with high confidence week in week out. Feared by most of the Premier League’s opposition’s. Would life be better for him if he made a transfer away from White Heart Lane? Would he adapt to his new teams’ style of play in the Premier League or abroad?.

These are the decisions Bale would have to make rather quickly as Spurs are pilling in the pressure for him to sign a new contract and with the immense interest from elsewhere it will be interesting to see what happens, but I must say ‘what a great position for Bale to be in’.

Will Bale Stay White Heart Lane Next Season?

Is He to Worth 100 Million?

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Mark McCammon.