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Manchester United Premier League Winners Parade

Manchester Utd earlier today had their title parade to mark off what had been a fantastic 26 years for Sir Alex Ferguson.

We also saw Paul Scholes marking his final season for the reds who initially ended his career in the 2010/2011 season but returned to the side January 2012 after he admitted that he missed playing.   Scholes had tallyed 717 appearances in all and I expect this auspicious parade was an emotional one for him.

The town was lively with a huge turn out of up to 100,000 passionate supporters.  Red flags and banners were all over the houses and street corners as the double decker bus left Sir Matt Busby Way – the road named after another celebrated manager – at about 18.30 BST.

The only down side was that Wayne Rooney got booed by a section of supporters during the parade, I think people must remember the contribution Rooney has made to probably the biggest club in the world.  He may have his reasons to hand in a transfer request which got rejected by the club, but who knows what goes on behind the scenes and the reason why he handed it in.

Sir Alex most of all deserved this special day with the endless success he has delivered to the club,  hopefully the moment didn’t get overshadowed by the Rooney saga.  The role is now handed over  to David Moyes which was announced earlier in the week.

Moyes has a huge task and would surely want to follow Sir Alex’s footsteps.  As a manager with his success at Everton, I’m sure he’ll know what to expect and he will be wanting to get his first season with the reds off to a flying start.

Next door neighbour’s Manchester City today had sacked manager Roberto Mancini and will be looking to challenge Manchester Utd into the 2013/2014 season.  There will be  new managers at two of the biggest clubs at present, how will they adapt?  Will pressure hit them?

Anything can happen in football with injuries and transfers that could affect the managers and teams performances.   Sir Alex managed to bring the best out of his players week in week out and no matter what the circumstances were ‘He Produced’!.

It’s amazing how the supporters got behind the team.  Sir Alex continuously thanked them for their support throughout his 26 years and you can see that they mean a lot to him.  His words were “Thank you for your support, I’ve had a fantastic time at this club and it will be in my heart forever.” Stand by your new manager.”

Those are words deep from the heart and I’m sure he will still have a big say within the club to help them continue their success as he will be taking up the director and ambassador role when he retires as manager.  I can understand why because he is marked as a true legend and it must had been hard for him to let a position like this go.

Lets see how both the Manchester Clubs will do next season with their new managers and what a season I expect it to be!

Lets Talk Soon.

Mark McCammon

Sir Alex

Sky News confirmed Sir Alex’s retirement at the end of the season after 26 successful years in the game. His personality will make him a tough person to replace after confronting the backlash of many a controversial altercation.

Who will replace him? Can they live up to the high expectation level Sir Alex Ferguson has set or achieved within his legendary era at the club?

David Moye’s (Everton Manager) and Jose Mourinho (Real Madrid Manager) are sky bets hot favorites to replace the Scots man.

At over a decade Moye’s has produced a phenomenal record and gained respect from the fans with his glowing humble attitude which has put him in the forefront position for the role.

In my opinion I think Moye’s would be an ideal replacement with his diligent and high knowledge of the game for what he has done for Everton Football Club over his successful time with the Toffee’s.

This is a huge step up from Everton. We’re talking about Manchester Utd here, a club which everyone debates whether they’re the biggest team in the world ahead of  Real Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool and many more.

A Club that has been dominating for year after year with Ferguson clinching 13 Premier League titles, he also delivered Utd to two European Cups,  five FA Cups, and four League Cups, and a European Cup Winners Cup.

This is surely a near impossible mission to replace! The expectation level will be high and mighty.  The players Sir Alex has brought through over the decades with the likes of Ryan Giggs, Roy Keane, Cristiano Ronaldo,  Paul Scholes and David Beckham have been exceptional.  Can the new manager attract, or develop through the youth team players of this calibre?  In my opinion, ‘Highly Unlikely’!.

The reason why I think Jose Mourihnio wouldn’t fit the terrace at Utd is because of the fact that he is a previous Chelsea manager that won the title over Manchester Utd back to back in 2004/2005 and 2005/2006 season which brought immense rivalry between the two sides.  In my opinion he will find it hard to win over the Manchester Utd fans with the clashing relationship that was generated between the two.

Mind you, Mourihnio is renowned for his open and blunt personality which the public domain thrive for! Action, Drama, and controversy. He had a superb record with his time at Chelsea and even has a European Champions League title under his belt with his previous club Porto Fc back in 2004 which set his career alight and opened the doorway to his success at Chelsea Football Club.

Sir Alex Ferguson has his final home game on Sunday 12th May 2013 Manchester Utd Vs Swansea City  at Old Trafford.  I Would expect this to be an emotional moment for the fans, players and staff and most of all the Legendary Sir Alex Ferguson himself. The whole world will be watching this final moment in what has been a fantastic career full of achievements by a person that has set a high bar for all managers within this beautiful game of football.

Who Will Replace Sir Alex? Only Time Will Tell!

Lets Talk Soon.

Mark McCammon.