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David Robert Joseph Beckham has announced today that he is to retire from football.

Beckham has turned himself into a football legend with 394 appearances for Manchester Utd, then moving abroad to Real Madrid making 115 appearances.  He then moved to the United States with his wife Victoria Beckham and children appearing 118 times for LA Galaxy, where the club announced Beckham made the club an immense profit on shirt sales.  In the latter stages of his career he moved to AC Milan in Italy making 33 starts before ending his career in France at Paris St Germain.

Since he started his career at Manchester Utd, Beckham has become a role model to young children and his country appearing for England 115 times which is a sensational achievement.

As a kid, he was spotted by Sir Bobby Charlton  at a soccer school in Barcelona.  He moved on to sign schoolboy terms at the age of 14 at Manchester Utd joining players like Gary Neville, Nicky Butt and Paul Scholes.  He went on to make his first-team debut against Brighton in the League Cup in 1992.

His fortune of 165 million easily makes him the richest athlete ever in English sport including sponsors and salary payments over the last decade.

His personal life with highly popular wife Victoria Beckham sometimes over-shadowed his contribution on the pitch because he was constantly in the lime light for his lifestyle off the field.  He also modeled for companies and organisations like Emporio Armarni, H&M and many more.

The publicity, in my opinion, was the reason he ended up leaving Manchester Utd as Sir Alex Ferguson quoted that ‘no player is bigger than Manchester Utd Football Club’.

So, where does Beckham go from here?  A world renowned name, a player that is idolised by his fans and fellow footballers, I’m sure there will be an opened door for David Beckham in the football world because of what he has achieved.

Could I see David Beckham being the next England coach or manager?  I think so due to his diligent work ethic on and off the pitch and his passion for the game.

He has captained England so he has the experience, knowledge and respect to do such a highly prestigious job.  All the attributes anyone would want or be looking for.

He also has his own soccer academy football school operating from two sites in London and Los Angeles, United States.

Young children would love the

opportunity to use the academy as they would expect great things from such a high profile player.

David Beckham will certainly be missed for his attributes on the pitch, especially his stunning free kicks and long pass range where he had his own unique style and technicality to show what a tremendous player he was.

Lets see what the future holds for the retired David Beckham.

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Mark McCammon